Major Changes

Philip | Announcements | Friday, 24 July 2009

Hello Everyone,

As stated before, COSMODE Online is going through some major changes, and, unfortunately, this month’s issue of COSMODE Online will be delayed. I wish I could give you more information about the changes, but nothing is finalized at this time. So we decided to stay silent. I’m really sorry about this. We are trying our best to keep improving COSMODE Online

Genuinely sorry,


008 Sample

Philip | News | Thursday, 04 June 2009

I received numerous emails about a sample link so I made one!

Here you go. Enjoy!

The 8th Issue is Out!

Philip | Announcements | Monday, 01 June 2009

COSMODE Online #008 has been released! Go to your control panel to view it!


This issue has 60 fully loaded pages of everything cosplay!
Feature Photos: Professional photos of the top cosplayers.
Cosplay Snaps: Hundreds of snapshots at the many cosplay events around Japan.
How-tos: Learn new wig and makeup techniques
COSMODE Life: Winter cosplay report & BL personality test

Get it now!

Kiki & Simona from

Philip | Report | Friday, 03 April 2009

So yesterday, I visited my friends at Anime Export for no particular reason (well, there was an incident which involved a woman and a laser hair removal clinic which I needed to talk about–but that’s a different story). It turns out they were about to have a meeting with two writers from Akibanana, and they asked me if I wanted to join.

This was completely unplanned for me, but, luckily, I had exactly two business cards in my wallet. So I go through the tradition of exchanging business cards in true Japanese fashion awkwardly saying “hajime mashite [nice to meet you]” because I had thought Kiki was Japanese.

Akibanana writers

Simona & Kiki: self-proclaimed aliens

The conversation was consisted of some normal otaku talk: anime and manga, figures and toys, cosplay and fashion; and also, some deeper talk: psychology,  further internationalizing the anime industry, life in Japan as a foreigner, and of course business (however informal this seemed to be, it was, after all, a business meeting). We were still talking five hours and four coffees later.

Kiki is from Singapore and has been living in Japan for about 5 years. She’s a writer, translator and language enthusiast. Talking to her made me realize that she’s not only a hardcore otaku, but also an expert in the anime industry.

Simona is an Italian writer and translator with a strong interest in psychology and astrology. Her astrological analysis of me was very interesting and pretty much true–although a bit emasculating… T_T is a website about Akihabara, the otaku capital of the world! Check out their many exclusive articles and videos!

COSMODE Online #007 Has Been Released!

Philip | Announcements | Thursday, 26 March 2009


Thanks for waiting guys!
This issue is fully loaded!

Feature Photos: 16 pro photos of the best cosplayers
Cosplay Snapshots: hundreds of snaps from the many events in Japan
World Cosplay Report: Anime Expo ‘08!
Online Report: Pics from the best cosplayers on and CURE (
COSMODE How-tos: men’s hair, cosplay nails, makeup for different face types, and secret quick fixes!!
COSMODE Life: what do you think of cosplay etiquette? And The Intelligent Character Personality Test!

Go to your control panel to view or buy it!